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Since 1995, IPS has been the official Ontario distributor of Honda small-sized engines and a number of high quality small-sized equipment. Our product line consists of high quality gasoline and diesel engine units and parts (for industrial and marine applications), heaters, air movers, dehumidifiers, generators, pumps, and pressure washers.

Some of our featured brands are listed below.

Honda Engines: For more than half a century, Honda engines have carried a worldwide reputation for superior design, reliability and unsurpassed quality. When you choose a Honda engine, or a product powered by Honda, you're choosing an engine you can trust to consistently deliver the power you need.

XPOWER Air Movers:Most don’t realize just how versatile a piece of equipment the air mover is.  It combines focused air movement and lower power draw, making it the perfect tool to use when one requires a precise stream of air that can be turned on and off instantly.

Koshin: For over 30 years, Koshin has been providing many markets such as Agricultural, Lawn & Garden, and Construction, with industrial-grade, Honda-powered, durable, water pumps. Select from their full range of centrifugal, semi-trash, trash and submersible pumps to tackle any dewatering application.

Chicago Pneumatic: Tough jobs require tough machines. Chicago Pneumatic's range of compaction equipment is designed to meet the high demands of contractors and rental companies. If you want speed, durability, and efficiency, you want CP compaction equipment.

Electric Eel: A popular sectional drain cleaning machines, which also includes drum machines, water jetters, gasoline powered municipal sewer cleaners, and pipeline inspection systems.This full range of equipment is the industry standard for quality and professional design

Brands: Honda Engines, Koshin Water Pumps, Chicago Pneumatic compaction, Alkota Hot Water Pressure washers, DeWalt Generators, Heat Star Heaters, Electric Eel Drain Cleaners & XPOWER Air Movers.


    A simple and safe solution to snow removal. The SNOWBULL moves snow without throwing rocks & debris. No worries about clogged augers as it pushes both wet & dry snow forward or to the side....

  • The durable Honda commercial grade engine safely powers our walk behind snow plow through any place a traditional snow blower can go, but without the common dangers associated with snow blowers, including augers constantly getting clogged. The Snow Bull’s plow angle is easily adjustable, making it perfect for roadsides, walkways, parking lots, and driveways.Conversely, the Snow Bull has great traction, and no clogging, making this snow pusher SAFE for everyone to use! The Snow Bull is your solution for daily snow clearing
    The XPOWER X-47ATR is the ultimate axial fan – packed with features such as a variable speed control, 3 hour timer, 360-degree rotation rack/stand, and built in daisy chainable power outlets to get a variety of jobs done....

  • The X-47 efficiently produces up to 3600 CFM with a low 2.8 Amp draw. Use this high performance fan with its unique grille design to extend a powerful and focused stream of air up to 60 ft. in any direction. A specially designed sealed motor prevents damage from water and other contaminants.Easily transportable, this unit’s super lightweight yet durable ABS injection molded housing can be stacked up to 5 units high.

    Ducting hoses (16DH25 or 16DH15) and adapter kit (16DHK) are available separately for confined space ventilation.

  • Chicago Pneumatic MV100 Compactor
    CP MV100 forward asphalt plates are specifically designed for compacting asphalt, offering a lighter weight, highly efficient solution. Perfect for applications where uninterrupted production is required....

  • DETACHABLE WATER TANK,Water tank lifts off easily so there’s no need to move the entire unit to a water source for refills. Large opening also makes it easy to refill.

    HIGH-TECH ADJUSTABLE WATER DELIVERY SYSTEM, Unique system puts down a trail of water unlike any other in the
    industry. The valve control on top of the water tank allows the operator to control the flow of water.

    EASY TO MANEUVER, The lighter weight and smaller size make these units easy to turn and maneuver in a range of applications. Optional transport wheels make it easy for one person to move the unit around.

    CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE, These units deliver high centrifugal force and feature a V-belt ventilation system for efficient operation.

    QUALITY BOTTOM PLATE, The high-quality bottom plate is designed to eliminate asphalt pick-up. It also allows for good water distribution and consistent speed on the asphalt.

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