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Help For Mother Nature! Arbourdale; Everything for Ponds

Arbourdale is an Ontario based distributor and developer of innovative Environmental Management products including organic water clarifiers by Healthy Ponds.

Our products and services support commercial, municipal, golf, residential and agricultural water feature owners and managers with naturally derived, effective, easy-to-use solutions to water quality issues.

Proven effective against Algae, Bottom Sludge, Duckweed, Suspended Organics, Turbidity.

Arbourdale products are sized for every water application:

  • Rainwater Cisterns
  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Fountains
  • Bird Baths
  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Koi Ponds
  • Rain Barrels
  • Stock Tanks
  • Water troughs

Arbourdale sells wholesale and to trade. New Dealers always welcome.

Our complete in-store displays and on-site training programs ensure you and your staff are fully equipped to answer all the your customer's questions.We also offer 

Arbourdale staff include professionals certified in LEED, Irrigation Auditing, Horticulture, Greenkeeping, and Areas/Facilities Operation. Our team of technical and training personnel are committed to supporting you and your projects with on-site consultations to ensure your customer gets the results they expect. 

Arbourdale is constantly developing new products to support water quality. Our proprietary SKIMMERTECH brand of pond surface cleaners were developed to quickly and efficiently clear Duckweed, Surface Debris and floating algae.

Skimmertech surface skimmers are available for sale or rental.

Brands: Healthy Ponds Bioverse BioBoost Air-O-Later Bioverse AG Skimmertech Brookside Agra


  • BioBoost Aeration Diffuser
    BioBoost is Aeration Reinvented!
    BioBoost maximizes air exchange by holding air in the water longer, increasing gas exchange area and increasing impact area

  • BioBoost Maximizes Oxygen Transfer to the water, speeding remediation and breaking down more organic sediment. 
    The patented BioBoost diffuser spreads the column of rising air bubbles out over an area 350% wider than  traditional diffusers. The larger plume creates 300% stronger convective currents, turning the water body over faster. 
    BioBoost maximizes the bubble surface area and contact time through a unique labyrinth inside the diffuser. The BioBoost slows the rising air bubbles, holding them in the water column 600 times longer while the ridges inside the labyrinth roll the air bubbles as they rise breaking them into the smallest possible bubble thereby maximizing surface area.

    The BioBoost structural material promotes the essential biomass that consumes the same nutrients that cause algae blooms. BioBoost grows a thick coating of "bio slime", that works to break down the organic pollutants in water bodies. No other aeration product has this capability. 

    BioBoost can be installed as a new system or easily retrofitted to any existing aeration system.

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