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Innovative Solutions for Complex Applications
At Devron Sales Ltd., we are committed in providing our valued customers with quality and innovative products related to the construction, landscape, greenhouse and landscaping industries.

Our mission is to provide exceptional construction products and services, maintain and grow our customer base. We also strive to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of our business through dedication, integrity and professionalism.
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  • ! LivePicture™
    LivePicture™ is a stylish and space saving green solution that makes use of plants in any interior design....

  • LivePicture™ plants make an important contribution to the indoor climate with the production of oxygen purification of the air and a positive effect on relative humidity.

    LivePicture™ uses a system of plant cassettes that are easily exchangeable. Plants can be exchanged with ease to reflect the changing season, holidays or special occasions.

  • ! ShoreSox™
    SHORESOX™ is the most innovative bioengineered “living system” developed to immediately halt soil erosion and stabilize shorelines and hillsides....

  • SHORESOX™ is the only erosion control solution that encompasses the shore bank and fully integrates into the bank or hillside – ultimately becoming part of the earth.

    SHORESOX™ has been multi-patented, approved by governing authorities and proven in a vast variety of field applications over the years. It has won a multitude of accolades, endorsements and testimonials from universities, governing agencies and customers.

    The SHORESOX™ system works-naturally. Our customers know it and our competitors know it.

  • ! Green Living Fences
    Green Living Fence light weight ivy panels are the perfect solution for adding greenspace to your backyards, decks and patios! They are also available in attractive planters for easy above ground use....

  • Commercial properties can beautify their buildings by hiding graffiti and preventing its re-occurrence. Condo and Townhomes owners can add both privacy and greenery to patios and terraces with minimal upkeep.

    As one of the premier green products currently on the market the environmental benefits are there for the wider community to see.

    Green Living Fences are a hardy evergreen ivy that is grown and woven onto a galvanized steel frame that can be planted in the ground or in planter boxes. They are an innovative, environmentally friendly way to provide privacy and security.

    As one of the premier green products currently on the market, the environmental benefits can be seen in a wide range of scales and applications:

    »Deck/ Backyard Privacy                                                                         
    »Green Perimeter Fencing                                                                       
    »Municipal/Commercial Graffiti cover-up                                               
    »Softening hardscaping, adding greenspace                                             
    »Noise Reduction                                                                                      
    »Natural Air Filitration                                                                             

    »Softens Hardscaping
    »Instant Privacy
    »Sound Barrier
    »Improved Air Quality
    »Graffiti Cover-Up
    »Easy DIY

  • ! SUTERA Waste Containment
    SUTERA systems are comprised of three main components; the access lid or top, the containment bag and the precast concrete well which is non-proprietary and readily available across North America....

  • SUTERA solutions have evolved based on our philosophy that waste needs to be respected to ensure that it is safely and securely contained ready for the next step in the waste stream management process. Programs to continually perfect our products based on assessment and critical feedback from installations in both the US and Canada are what has set us apart.

    Our objectives are to:

    • Enable ease of use by the person depositing waste and recyclable material

    • Achieve secure containment for various forms of waste (minimized odor)

    • Control (avoid) storm water and waste fluid leachate

    • Eliminate the need for additional closures around traditional dumpsters

    • Minimize the space required for placement and servicing

    • Blend into various cityscapes to achieve better aesthetics

    • Promote and support local environmental objectives

    • Maximize volume of material contained to reduce service frequency

  • ! POT-LOCK
    The Gripple Pot Lock is a flexible solution to secure and promote the healthy growth of containerized plants and trees in landscaping and nursery applications....

  • A new product geared to the nursery and landscaping industries, pot lock promotes the healthy growth of containerized plants and trees. The product givers nurseries a quick solution to a 'pot-in-pot' program.
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