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As a Turf Professional, you can rely on the Nutrite team to make your needs our priority. We are at your service to give you a helping hand by providing agronomic expertise and fertilization know-how. Nutrite offers superior quality, reliable and innovative products whether choosing granular, soluble, natural or organic fertilizer blends. Our team approach ensures you achieve the best results, with exceptional conditions and playing surfaces throughout your daily challenges.

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  • 10-2-5 REVIVE Complete Seed & Feed Mix
    3 components in 1 bag to use as part of a regular fertility program to create a healthy environment for optimal turf growth...

    •Nutryon® Controlled release nitrogen provides a long-lasting, precise and consistent feeding that lasts up to 6-7 weeks.
    •Nutryon® gradually feeds for stronger and healthier turf.
    •All the potassium is in the safer sulfate form.
    •Provides sufficient phosphorus to promote vigorous seedling and root establishment and development.
    •Crystal Green® is the first renewable, slow-release fertilizer with proven fullseason benefits. Manufactured from a recycled and renewable resource, it’s environmentally friendly and the only slow-release fertilizer on the market
    with a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium.
    •Contains 4 different species of seed - Perennial Ryegrass, Fine Fescue, Chewings Fescue and, newly developed, rapid germinating Kentucky Bluegrass.
    •Contains granular leaf compost to aid in water retention essential for seed establishment.
    •10-2-5 REVIVE contains 20% Solu-Cal S. Solu-Cal S is beneficial in reducing compaction and leaching soluble salts from the root zone where irrigation water salinity is excessive and damage has resulted from the use of ice-melting
    products. Solu-Cal S also contains carboxylic acid which promotes root development and improves the availability and uptake of mineral elements, even less mobile nutrients such as phosphorous and calcium.
    •Contains iron which provides a deep green colour without excessive growth.
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