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DiCAN Inc. is a locally owned Canadian corporation based in Southern Ontario specializing in fleet and facility management tools.  We are actively growing and currently support all levels of fleets in the public and private sectors with quality services and hardware solutions.  It has been our pleasure to partner with municipalities, regions, corporations, OEMs and up-fitters to increase the safety and productivity of fleet operations.
DiCAN has been active in this market space since 2000 and we strive to be a recognized leader in our field.  With a strong focus on providing innovative customer solutions with in-house design, build/testing, project management and skilled integration of product solutions, we purpose to earn our customers commitment and enthusiasm by continually improving - driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovations of our company’s employees and management team.


Raised Dump Box Sensor

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  • (Jan 03, 2019)
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  • Geotab GO7 GPS Tracking
    Ideal for businesses in landscaping, lawn care, and maintenance.
    Capture second-by-second data on position, speed, trip distance/time, speeding, idling, and more. Increase productivity with geofencing, accurate ETAs, and dispatch nearest driver feature....

  • One of the World’s Most Sophisticated Telematics Devices

    The Geotab GO7 device is even more advanced than you imagined. Out of the box and into your business, you will have peace of mind knowing that your telematics investment will continue to add value over the long run. Designed and manufactured by Geotab, the GO7 includes a cellular modem, highly sensitive GPS and accelerometer. With internal antennas for both GPS and cellular connectivity, Geotab has engineered a truly robust solution. The firmware, also designed and written by Geotab, puts it all together to provide the overall end-to-end solution.

  • DiCAN DBSA-12
    The DBSA-12 has ability to visually and audibly warn the operator of the raised position of the dump box on equipment such as snow plows, dump trucks, packers and any other type of equipment where position notification is required....

  • Accidents happen, it’s a fact of life, but when an accident happens because of an inappropriately raised dump box, it tends to cost a lot of money and can threaten life and limb.  Protect your assets, operators and innocent bystanders from the damage a raised box can cause with the DBSA-12 from DiCAN.

    The DBSA-12 is an enclosed programmable timer microprocessor that receives feedback from a magnetic switch to indicate the position of the dump box on equipment such as snow plows, dump trucks, packers and any other type of equipment where position notification is required.

    The compact control panel incorporates a ½” Snap-Fit RED incandescent lamp and an 90Db continuous buzzer for immediate notification to the operator that the box is NOT in the lowered position. 

    The Rhodium contact reed switch is constructed with the reliable ALNICO 5 magnet which is 100% tested for reliability and performance. With a standard Weatherpack® quick disconnect, 2” operating gap and a 24” Stainless Steel armored cable, the switch is designed for multiple applications with proven success.

    Standard DBSA-12 implementations are designed to produce alerts anytime the ignition is in the ‘On’ position but optionally the system can be tied to the air brake / parking brake so alerts are only produced when the air brake / parking brake is disengaged. 

    NEW FOR 2018:  GPS output and momentary mute options now available.  Contact us today for more information.

  • Advanced Incident Dash Camera

  • Benefits of SmartWitness dash cameras include, but is not limited to:

    • Prevent fraudulent insurance or exaggerated injury claims.
    • Prove or disprove driver behavior complaints.
    • Driver behavior is self corrected when operators know a dash cam is present.
    • Expedite insurance claims process using camera footage.
    • Increased quality of driver training. Your drivers, your assets, your routes.
    • Live view of current/historical video and vehicle GPS tracking solution built into one hardware platform.
    • Event based email alerts with cloud storage of video evidence.
    • Remote access to camera video files.
    • Tamper resistant housings.
    • 2 year hardware warranty.

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