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Great North - Advanced Hardscape Solutions. Since 1990.

 27 Years of Innovation for the Hardscape & Landscape Trade

Great North Hardscape Solutions  (div. of Snapedge Canada Ltd.)  is dedicated to offering you quality products, gold star service and leading innovations such as The Original field modified paver restraint: Snap Edge est.1990;  Paver Bond - The Original Hardscape Adhesive for All Weather est.1990Surebond Water Based Sealers est.1993, Original NO HAZE All-in-one  Polymeric Sands Evolution and Polysweep est.2007 (with no callbacks since then!);  PTI Tools est.2010, , Stronghold - Spray Foam Adhesive est.2018 and more.  

Recently rebranded as Great North - Advanced Hardscape Solutions we are excited to bring Canadians the latest tool innovations from leaders in the field.  Join us at booth 1650-52 for the unveiling of our latest Tool and installation innovations that are sure to make your life as a Hardscaper AND Landscaper easier than ever.

With state of the art manufacturing, coast to coast service and access to the largest selection Construction Materials, Great North is Canada’s largest supplier of Paver Edging, Hardscape Adhesives,  High Performance Polymeric Sand, Tools, Compaction Equipment, Sealers & Cleaners, Geotextiles, Landscape Edging, and Lighting supplies. We offer you the convenience of a single source solution you can count on to make your work life easier.  We have the largest selection of in-stock Great North brands plus innovations from the world’s top manufacturers.  Since 1990 our offering has always been the #1 choice of professionals and our quality is why our customers have the best reputation in the industry. 

Hope to see you all at the show.  Stop into Booth 1650-52 for GREAT SHOW DEALS and GIVEAWAYS.

Brands: Snap Edge, Stronghold Aluminum, Barrier, Precision Edge, EV Evolution, Kerr, Surebond, Pave Tool Innovators, Tufx, Halder


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 Show Specials



    Get A FREE TOOL valued at $200 and up when you purchase at the show. MIN PURCHASE REQUIRED (January 8,9 & 10th)


    STRONGHOLD - SPRAY FOAM ADHESIVE STARTER KIT FOR $75.00 TAX IN! (Reg. $95+tax) (Starter kit includes: 1 can of Stronghold Spray Foam Adhesive + 1 can of Stronghold Gun Cleaner + 1 Stronghold Gun)

    Stronghold Spray Foam Ahesive is the latest innovation in Hardscape bonding technology.  1 cannister of Stronghold = 6 Large Tubes or 20 small tubes of conventional hardscape adhesive.  

    CASE STUDY: Cost of conventional adhesive vs Stronghold Spray Foam system  

    Suppose 6 tubes of conventional adhesive costs $66 ($11 x 6) vs. 1 can of Stronghold at $35.  Thats a savings of $31 every 6 tubes you buy.  Mulitply that by your annual purchases of say 300 tubes and that's $1550.00 in savings just on adhesive!.  Plus NO WASTE.  You work hard....keep your money!  Stop into booth 1650-52 get your starter kit for only $75 and start saving now!!  Limited quantities available so don't miss out!  


  • The MAXBIT
    A drill bit attachment that digs 4" & 6" holes for plantings of bulbs and young plants. Unique angles on the Maxbit are there to push the dirt up out of the hole placing it neatly around the hole for effortless replacement. Dig it. Plant it. Done....


    You can maximize gardening productivity with the newest digging technology that simply attaches to a power drill, saving you time and the aches and pains that follow weekends of gardening and landscaping. THE MAXBIT’s patented angle design pushes dirt out of the ground and digs the perfect hole every time.

    Fast setting high strength polyurethane foam adhesive for all hardscape construction, bonding of natural and synthetic stone, sub-floor assembly, SIPS panels and EIFS systems. Long term resistance to weathering, water, acids & solvents.

    Concrete, Pavers, Stone, Bricks, Porcelain, Drywall, Wood, Metal, Polywood, Foam, Fibreglass, PVC

    1 Can of STRONGHOLD = Approx 6 Large Tubes of Standard Hardscape Adhesive.

    • Quick, Clean & Precise Application
    • Adjustable bead size
    • Maximum yield – no waste
    • Easy gunning, less pain
    • Increased efficiency
    • No more soggy adhesive tubes
  • Quick-e Elite Suction System
    Modular suction system for lifting stone products from 0-2400 LBS. Movable power pack allows you to use various plates and heads for multiple scenarios. 2 Dewalt Li-ion batteries power the unit for up to 6 hours each. Rapid charger for 1 hour recharge....

  • Modular Suction System for the Master Hardscaper

    The ES Suction System is designed to do it all. Picks up most porous and non-porous material from 6″ x 6″ pavers, all the way up to 2,400 lb. slabs. It even rotates and locks into place to move vertically palletized product.  (Please Note: Lifting materials vertically, reduces the max lifting capacity.)

    Certain porous materials may require the Venturi attachment and compressor to compensate for variances in the drycast processes.

    Show Special:

    ES All-Inclusive Package


    • 1 – ES Power Pack – Standard
    • 1 – ES Housing Unit
    • 1 – Battery Charger
    • 2 – 20v 6ah Batteries
    • 1 – ES T Handle
      (1 – 6” x 6” & 1 – 10” x 10” Pad)
    • 1 – ES 25’ Hose
    • 1 – ES 18” x 36” Pad
    • 1 – ES 16” x 18” Pad
    • 1 – ES 12” x 36” Pad
    • 1 – ES 12” x 12” Pad

    See us at booth 1650 for full details.

  • TRACSAFE - ALL-IN-ONE Ice Melt & Traction Aid
    Paver, Paw and Plant friendly ICE MELT & TRACTION AID solution from Great North Hardscape Solutions. Won't harm your pavers due to the low concentration of Potassium Chloride in addition to the ALL NATURAL Zeolite. Made in Canada. Works to -31...

  • TracSafe is gentle on all hardscapes and will not break down in liquids. It has the ability to melt the ice without 

    damaging surrounding vegetation like traditional ice melters. Any TracSafe left behind when the ice melts can be swept into lawns or gardens.

    TracSafe is made from zeolite, an organic mineral with a porous honeycomb-like structure. TracSafe contains 10% organic potassium chloride for the melting agent, which was tested in a lab and melts up to -31


    TracSafe is 100% organic and safe to touch. It contains no sodium chloride, phosphate or urea .... all of which damage our environment.

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