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Dvorak-SVAHOVE SEDKACKY S.R.O. is a Czech Republic based company specializing in making commercial grade Remote Control Slope Mowers.  Spider mowers are built to do the tasks that are too dangerous for operators to complete alone, climbing slopes up to 55 degrees with the assistance of the integrated winch; and being able to cut down all vegetation the machine can push over.  With safety and productivity in mind Spider mowers are a profitable option that keeps operators safe, all whilekeeping job sites maintained to the highest industry standard.

J&S Performance and Distribution Ltd. is the Canadian distributor for Spider mowers and has a dealer network set up accross the country.  Interested parties are welcome to come talk with Scott and Jeff at the show about possible dealership opportunities. 

Brands: Spider Remote Control Slope Mowers


SPIDER slope mowers present: The Mow-na Lisa
SPIDER slope mowers present: The Mow-na Lisa


  • Spider ILD02SGS
    Designed for the maintenance of turf areas around and under photovoltaic panels on solar farms. Suitable for extensive and intensive mowing of large areas....

  • Spider 2SGS is a remote-controlled mower specially designed for the maintenance of turf areas around photovoltaic (PV) panels on solar farms. Spider 2SGS - adapted from Spider ILD02 mower features upgraded hydraulic motors and a lower profile, making it ideal for maintaining the turf beneath and around PV panels. Solar photovoltaic panels consist of numerous solar photovoltaic cells that are wired together into a series circuit. This means that when the power output of a single cell is significantly reduced, the power output for the whole series is reduced to the level of current passing through the weakest cell. Therefore, a small amount of shading can significantly reduce the performance of the entire solar photovoltaic panels system. That’s why it’s vitally important to keep the grass maintained around these panels. Loss of generated energy equates to loss of income for the solar farm operator, so the maintenance of these areas cannot be underestimated. The Spider 2SGS is also the only machine on the market with test certification relating to thrown objects.
  • Spider ILD02
    The ILD02 is the main workhorse of the Spider Line-up. With the largest deck and most options the ILD02 is the most productive Spider to date....

  • The Spider ILD02 is the most popular type of Spider mowers, which has also won many awards around the world.  It is a follow-up to the Spider ILD01 and it brings many innovations and imporvements.  The drive system is extended with the possibility of skid steering and its productivity equals the productivity of heavy machinery.  The Spider ILD02 is designed to maintain indented and inaccessible terrain with slopes up to 60 degrees (when using the integrated winch system). At the same time it is also very suitable to mow flat areas. With its productivity up to 7000 square metres/hour (1.73 acres/hour) it can be a match for the performance of 15 line trimmers or a tractor with a extendable boom arm; all at a incomparably lower operating cost. 
  • Spider ILD01
    Spider ILD01 radio-controlled slope mower is the original Spider. This machine was introduced in 2003 as the very first radio controlled mower for professional maintenance of slopes....

  • The remote-controlled Slope Mower Spider ILD01 is the basic product of Dvorak - svahove sekacky.  In fact, it was the world's first remote controlled mower for professional maintenance of hillsides. Great gradeablility and unique manouverability are primarily a result of the revolutionary and patented drive system called "dance step". 

    The remote-controlled Spider ILD01 is designed to maintain indented and inaccessible terrain with slopes of up to 55 degrees (when using the integrated winch system). With its area coverage up to 3000 square metres per hour (0.75 acres per hour), the Spider ILD01 can be a match for performance of up to 10 line trimmers at a substantially lower cost. 

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