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Supplier of flower bulbs, tropical plants and winter greens

Importer of top quality flower bulbs, tropical plants and winter greens and decorations.

TradeWinds is celebrating 24 years in business "selling beauty!" We are known for our larger size flower bulbs and good quality stock for both spring and fall planting. 

We have added two more seasonal product lines.  We offer Tropical Plants from Florida year round and Winter Greens and Branches  from Ontario/BC/Oregon and Florida and decorations for the month of November. 

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Brands: Representative for 4 Italian 2 cm Outdoor Porcelain tiles Panaria, Ragno, Rocersa and Lea

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    Contact: Caroline de Vries

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    Release date: Sept. 4, 2018

    Porcelain tiles: Strength and style for outdoor applications

    TradeWinds International is launching a new line of 2 cm porcelain tiles for outdoor use. The tiles come in a range of sizes, colours, and surface textures, combining advanced technology and easy installation with sophisticated design. They are specifically designed and engineered for landscapes, and trim pieces are available.

    The tiles are highly resistant to breaking and stress; extraordinary slip-resistance makes them ideal for public and private outdoor areas. The 2 cm outdoor tiles can be matched with 1 cm indoor tile to create a uniform flow from inside to outside.

    Advantages include resistance to salt and chemical spills. The tiles keep their colour over time, and are unaffected by moss or mold. They are easy to clean, and weigh less than concrete or natural stone. Their versatility extends to installation. The tiles may be installed over grass, sand/gravel or concrete, and available fixed or adjustable supports enable elevated floor installations.

    The tiles are imported from four Italian manufacturers through an exclusive Canadian distribution agreement.

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  • Panaria Glance 2cm Outdoor Porcelain Tile
    This highly performing and attractive material offers a texture of cement....

  • A surface designed for outdoors.  Four different shades are offered in this line.  The soft shades of colours and dense tactile surfaces, offer options for something distinct and exlusive.  It allows for feeling of a modern welcoming space but works also in a more traditional space.  It is manufactured using 40% recycled material.  Panaria Glance is th new experience to dress any outdoor space.

    The standard size is 45 x90 cm

    Colour options: Pearl, Taupe, Smoke and Coal. Easy to clean, non-absorbent, it weighs less than concrete and natural stone. It comes perfectly calibrated.

  • Lea Waterfall 2 cm Outdoor Porcelain Tile
    The Waterfall 2 cm Outdoor Porcelain Tile line has the realistic element's, both visually and physically, of slate. It also comes with all the trim pieces required to finish the outdoor project....

  • The textures and variations in colours express that of a passage of time.  It has a surface with a stone effect and recreates an iridenscent type of sedimentary rock.  It is tough and resistant to traffic.  It is an ideal option for pool and garden patio areas. This line offers an indoor 1 cm opiton that gives the designer the opportunity to interconnect the indoors with the outdoor surfaces.

      The standard size is 45 x90 cm

    Colour options: Ivory Flow, Silver Flow, Gray Flow and Dark Flow. Easy to clean, non-absorbent, it weighs less than concrete and natural stone. It comes perfectly calibrated.

  • Panaria Cross Wood 2 cm outdoor Porcelain Tile
    The resistance and durability of a ceramic meets the lifelike visual and warmth of timber. The product is resistant to salt, chemical spills, and not affected by mold or moss. Easy to clean and none absorbent....

  • When creating this outdoor porcelain tile great care is taken in the intersecting of different elements that creates a strking composition.

    Imagine a crowed forest.  Various wood fibers alternated and piece by piece, offers a sizeable measure of colour contrast and texture.    The advantage of a reflection of woodland, with the opporutnity for a modern design. 

    Colour options: Cinder, Dust and Buff   30x120 cm. Easy to clean, non-absorbent, it weighs less than concrete and natural stone.It comes perfectly calibrated.

  • Ragno Concept 2 cm Outdoor Porcelain Tile
    Contemporary outdoor paving look....

  • Designing oudoor spaces with all the stenght and versatility of extra-thick 2 cm porcelain tiles.  Ragno Concepts comes in 4 colours,  Beige, Greige, Grigio and Nero.  The dimension of each tile is 24"x24" or 60 cm x 60 cm

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