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We're producers of organic soil amendments and living soils.

Gro4 Organics Inc. is a leading producer in Organic Earthworm Castings and Red Wiggler Compost Worms. In addition to our retail lines of Premium Earthworm Castings and Red Wigglers we are also producers of custom soil mixes, including living soils. Our Earthworm Castings are certified for use in orgnaic agriculture by Pro-Cert Organic Systems are also OMRI Listed with COR, NOP and COS certificates. We source organic ingredients for our soil mixes and never use fillers in our products. We have the capacity to ship across North America and have serviced various indusrties. Give us a call today and get growing!

Brands: Gro4 Organics Premium Earthworm Castings, Evergreen Nightcrawlers Red Wigglers Compost Worms


  • Red Wigglers Compost Worms
    Red Wigglers are an excellent addition to the home compost bin or garden. These worms will accelerate the compost process turning your kitchen scrapes into nutrient rich compost....

  • Evergreen Nightcrawlers Red Wiggler Compost Worms will eat through kitchen and yard waste accelerating your compost bin and turning leftover waste into nutrient rich compost. We have designed this product as a POP display that is easily found in stores to create accesibility and spin off sales. This speicies worm does require refridgeration and live delivery is gaurenteed. An excellent addition to garden centres and hydroponic stores! 
  • Gro4 Premium Earthworm Castings
    Gro4 Premium Earthworm Castings are the ideal soil amendment to add back nutrients and microbial life to soil. Completely chemical free, certified for use Organic Agriculture by Pro-Cert Organic Systems and OMRI Listed....

  • This bag contains what farmers refer to as “black gold”. There are no fillers here, only 100% pure certified organic earthworm castings, screened to get out any large lumps and give you the perfect texture. Worm castings are the ideal soil amendment giving microbial life back to the soil structure and fertilizing boost.  Certified for use in organic agriculture by Pro-Cert Organic Systems and OMRI Listed ( NOP, COR, COS). Available in two sizes: 20L and 5L.
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