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Want to learn how to kill weeds with water?

Satusteam™ created by Weedtechnics is the condensate of superheated water flashing into saturated steam and boiling water, it’s organic and additive free. It leaves behind no residues and it safe for kids, pets and the environment. Utilizing this technology solely or incorporating it as part of a strategic weed management program will be of benefit. Whether it be stepping away from chemicals and having Satusteam™ Technology be used in non-turf areas around campuses or city parks. Or to be added as part of a mechanical program where chemicals aren’t used in organic farming operations or locations where there is a pesticide ban in effect.

Our weedkiller is safe to drink, is yours?

We are very excited to have a eco friendly product to offer for the winter months as well. Entry® was created by Secure Winter Products a division of Branch Creek and Synatech Solutions from the US. Entry® is a Non-Chrloride, Non-Tracking Liquid Ice Melt Product. The best part of this amazing product is that it does not track inside of buildings or leave a white residue behind.  This is the biggest benefit because typically the amount saved on cleaning costs pays for the product. It is EPA tested and Green Seal approved. Entry® won't damage concrete, flooring, metals, plants, cleaning equipment, or clog the tracks of automatic doors or escalators because it is liquid based and chloride free. 

It all starts with Entry®

Brands: Weedtechnics & Entry®


Satusteam™ Technology used on Blueberries with Versitech Applicator head.
Satusteam™ Technology Time Lapse
Satusteam™ Technology
Satusteam™ Technology and how it is best utilized


  • Green Ninja Stealth
    Green Ninja Stealth is the quietest machine available.

  • The Green Ninja Stealth has been developed for killing weeds in confined areas with low inclines, such as nurseries, school playgrounds, and hobby farms, with easy access to power supply. Connect directly to any garden tap or water tank for the water supply. This machine also has a multitude of cleaning capabilities.

    • Delivers 1.3 gal Satusteam per minute which increase productivity and improve pressure cleaning functionality
    • Quieter than other models
    • Low maintenance costs
    • 7 years warranty on coil
    • Usage 1.3 gal water per minute
    • Continuous flow 1⁄2” Sch 80 steel boiler coil, fibre insulation, stainless steel skin
    • Over-temperature safety switch
    • Pressure and flow safety switches
    • Quality US made Thermostatically controlled 12V burner
    • Electrical Pump
    • Water pressure and Temperature gauges
    • Rugged powder coated frame with lifting point
    • 1 switch burner ignition
    • Fitted with burst disc and over pressure and temperature relief valves

  • Green Ninja Pro
    The Green Ninja Pro is the smaller machine in our gasoline powered range....

  • Engine Size: 208cc
    Engine: 6.5 HP Briggs, Electric Start
    Pump Component: Direct Drive
    Fuel Storage: 0.8 gal gasoline and 4.5 gal diesel

    • Usage 1.3 gal water per minute
    • Continuous flow 1/2" Sch 80 steel boiler coil, fibre insulation, stainless steel skin
    • Over-temperature safety switch 
    • Pressure and flow safety switches
    • Quality US made thermostatically controlled 12V burner
    • Run-flat design tires
    • General pump from the Crown Series
    • Water pressure and temperature gauges
    • Rugged powder coated frame with lifting point
    • 1 switch burner ignition
    • Fitted with a burst disc, plus overpressure and temperature relief valves 
    • For continuous use
    • Belt drive pump

  • SW800
    The Steamwand SW800 model is our mid-range machine, perfect for contractors and commercial situations....

  • The SW800 is available in 4 packages to suit your individual needs and budget.

    • Built to last 
    • Robust Powder Coated Frame
    • Becket 12V burner
    • Easily accessible components
    • Belt Drive AR pump
    • Steel spiral headting coil

    Bare unit: SW800 unit with hose & gun.

    Tank Skid: Self contained, skid mounted unit. Comes with 1000 litre tank, long skid, inlet outlet reels, hoses & gun. Is designed and ready to fit on a ute, pick up or tractor.

    Trailer: Includes trailer, tank, inlet & outlet reels, hoses & gun. It is the complete, ready-to-go package. The T250E trailer has heavy duty axle and height clearance for Agricultural use, electric brakes and 1500kg carrying capacity.


  • SW900
    This machine is most popular among farmers, contractors and for commercial use....

  • The SW900 runs on 10L of water/minute and therefore has the ability to run 2 applicator heads simultaneously. Like the SW800, this machine is built for continuous, every-day use.

    • Build for ease
    • Autonomous power supply
    • 2 switch operation
    • Belt Drive AR Pump

    *Has same 4 mounting options as the SW800

  • The Sumo Trailer
    The Ultimate Solution for Guilt Free Weed Control....

  • The Sumo Trailer represents a significant milestone for the efficient treatment of medium or larger sized agricultural and horticultural properties. It runs off the "Power take off (PTO)" shaft of the tractor tow vehicle. The PTO drive pump and generator combination, removes the need for an engine and reduces complexity, machine cost as well as running and servicing costs.

    • Unique PTO powered pump charging system
    • Fully galvanised purpose built trailer
    • Available as a road registered agricultural trailer
    • Rated for 3500 kg (7700 lbs) on road (empty tank) and 6000 kg (13000 lbs) off road.
    • 4000L tank with 15 years warranty
    • Simply changed from 50mm hitch to agricultural standard ring hitch

    The SW2800 is a continuous flow hot water heat exchanger, delivering superheated water to our patented Satusteam nozzle system at an effective 24 litres a minute. Combined with our selection of applicator heads it can be used in intensive horticulture such as vines, berries and orchards.

  • Orchard 120
    Satusteam™ Applicator Head...

  • The Orchard 120 is designed to be towed behind or beside vehicles for treating weeds along orchard plantation rows, covering a swept path width of 120 cm.

    The Orchard 120 has a 6000 series aluminium chassy with puncture-proof castor wheels
    to maintain optimal height above ground level to maximise application speed.

    The hood is fabricated of a light weight insulated aluminium sandwich material that helps retain heat. The Orchard 120 frame has a mounting point where a Rowtech 55 can be attached, to provide a means of weeding the stretch between tree trunks.

    For Use With: SW900 (Single) & Sumo (Double)

    • Specialized steam delivery manifold and nozzles for optimum spread and saturation
    • Insulated, robust and lightweight construction
    • Low profile design for under canopy work
    • 120cm (4') treatment span
    • left of right side mounting

  • Rowtech 55
    Satusteam™ Applicator Head...

  • The Rowtech 55 applicator head allow for the rapid treatment of weeds along verges,
    around fences, under trees and in vine rows.

    This applicator head is suitable for vehicle mounting.

    Rowtech 55 has a diameter of 55cm and is set so that it tracks the contours of the ground closely.

    • Ideal for Blueberries, Vineyards, Orchards and Gravel Edges.
    • Singular and dual arms can be operated with left and right mountings For Use With: SW800, SW900 and SW3800KD.
    • Vertical and horizontal pivoting system tracks terrain and the unique break away system allows the domes to roll gentle around the plant.

    The bearing case is machined from 5000 series aluminium providing a rugged mounting point to the link arm assembly.

    The conical hood is fabricated of a lightweight insulated aluminium sandwich material that, together with the interchangeable bottom brushes, help retain the heat under the hood for maximum weed killing productivity.

    • Specialised steam delivery nozzles for optimum spread and saturation
    • Insulated, robust domes
    • Replaceable nylon brush insulating dome skirt
    • Arms are constructed from rugged, heavy gauge, powder coated steel
  • Satusteam™ Spike/Injection Kit
    Localised delivery with deep penetration gives you the most effective hydro thermal kill available.

  • The Steam Spike Set is a versatile set of applicator heads designed to deeply penetrate weeds and inject steam into them for an all-round effective kill.

    The set comes with several different configurations, so you can tackle everything from Broadleaf Weeds, Tufted Root Grass, and even Tree Suckers.

    • Localised delivery allows you to specifically target those hard to kill weeds while leaving other plants undisturbed.
    • Simple quick-couple attachment Versatile range of applications
    • Localised delivery for targeted weed control
    • Deep penetration to target root zones
  • Council Trailer
    A trailer designed for municipal use....

  • The SW900 Council Trailer is the custom designed outfit which has an external width of 204cm, length of 350cm and 2000 kg carrying capacity. It is the complete, ready-to-go turnkey package.

    *Different Trailer sizing is available.

    *Includes Galvanized toolbox and Jerry can holders.

    Can be customized with Solar PV charging system and options available from 50m to 100m hose lengths.

    A Remote Controlled Auto-Rewind Hose Reel which does the physical work for you in rewinding the hose on to the reel and can be automatically operated from 100 metres away.

    The auto-rewind reel is powered by a 12 V Agm Solar battery that is supplied with a solar PV charging system to ensure the battery is charged even in remote or off grid areas and turns the trailer system into a fully independent rig.

  • Horticulture Trailer
    A trailer designed for horticultural operations...

  • The SW900 Horticulture Trailer is the custom narrow trailer which has an external width of 150cm, length of 350cm and 2000 kg carrying capacity. It is the complete, ready-to-go package.

    *Hydra-boom available as an option for front of tractor mounting

    The Hydra-Boom gives you control of Rowtech 55 application from the seat of your tractor. Height, tilt and width are all hydraulically controlled. Manual berm /slope setting provides flexibility for vines and berry production. Breakway arms allow for close and gentle contact to pots, vines, berries and posts.

  • Entry® - Case
    Case (2 x 2.5 Gallons)...

  • Entry® Case (2 x 2.5 gal)

    Equivalaent 50lbs Bag Coverage- 10

    Coverage- 7,500sq.ft.

  • Entry® Drum
    Drum (55 Gallons)...

  • Entry® Drum (55 gal)

    Equivalent 50lb Bag Coverage- 110

    Coverage- 82,500 sq.ft

  • Entry® Tote
    Tote (250 Gallons)...

  • Entry® Tote (250 gal)

    Equivalent 50 lb Bag Covereage- 500

    Coverage- 375,000 sq.ft

  • Branch Creek® Pump Free System
    The Branch Creek® Pump Free eliminates the need to pump a hand sprayer resulting in a faster and more effective liquid application....

  • Pump Free replaces the manual pump head on the Entry® manual pump sprayer. The Branch Creek® Pump Free will provide 1 to 2 hours of battery life.

    The Pump Free System includes a 2 gallon sprayer with nozzle configuration to apply Entry® at the correct rate and spray pattern.

    The Pump Free System also includes a manual pump which can be used as a backup in the event that Pump Free is out of charge.

    2 or 3 Gallon Sprayer available.

  • Eco-Pack Lithium Battery Sprayer
    High Quality Sprayer with Smart Pressure Technology (SPT)...

  • Eco-Pack was designed by engineers and developed with a simple goal in mind: Manufacture a dependable, high quality pump sprayer that frees the user frome the time consuming task of pumping.

    Smart PressureTechnology (SPT) allows for the precise amount of product with every application. Lithium Ion battery provides up to eight hours of life.

    Nozzle calibrated for Entry® application at recommended rate.

    1.5 and 2.5 Gallon Sizes Available

  • Branch Creek® Walk Behind Sprayer
    12 Gallons...

  • Branch Creek®

    Walk Behind Sprayer

    · Removeable Battery
    · 1 to 2 Hours of Battery Life
    · Spray Wand
    · Minimal Assembly Required

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