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Welcome to the world of GlowPath self-illuminating pavers!

GlowPath Pavers was formed almost 10 years ago when one of SE Michigan's largest landscape design/installation owners did a deck design/installation for a client. 

He discovered that the client was researching applications for a photoluminescent compound that would provide long-lasting "glow-in-the-dark" properties.  Searching for a cost-effective, eco-safe alternative to low voltage lighting solutions, he partnered with his client in a new venture to produce self-illuminating brick pavers.

Now almost 10 years later, GlowPath Pavers has two US Patents and is awaiting a Canadian patent for the first self-illuminating brick paver that is non-toxic, durable across all climates, and useful as an alternative to low-voltage or photovoltaic lighting solutions for walkways, pathways, municipal spaces, and other applications.  The company has developed multiple prototypes to enable GlowPath Pavers to meet requirements for most municipal codes for hardness, durability, pressure, and other requirements.

GloPath Pavers are currently planned for production at manufacturing plants located throughout Canada and the US.  Availability is planned for Q2 2020.  

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 Press Releases

  • For Release November 12, 2019

    November 12, 2019GlowPath Brick Pavers, LLC, a brick paver products company located in Keego Harbor, Michigan announced today that their application for a self-illuminating paving stone was accepted by the US Patent Office.   This is the first of three patents that GlowPath Brick Pavers, LLC created that have been approved by the USPO.  A Canadian patent has been applied for and is awaiting approval.  An additional US patent for self-illuminating concrete products is also under consideration by the USPO.

    “GlowPath Brick Pavers is very happy to announce USPO approval and upcoming issuance of a patent for our unique. self-illuminating paver”, said Alex Ketty, GlowPath Brick Pavers LLC partner.  “We have been working on several formulations and many prototypes over the last several years and believe we have arrived at a uniquely attractive paver design that is enhanced with a proprietary, light-absorbing compound that enables a subtle glow for 8-12 hours after dark.  We are excited by the many applications for GlowPath Brick Pavers, such as accenting footpaths, walkway safety illumination, and anywhere a pleasing nighttime glow is desired in home or commercial installations."  GlowPath Brick Pavers has already received several inquiries from landscape architects, hardscape installers, municipalities, and others.  Early orders from installers in the Midwest and Southeast US have also been received.  

    The GlowPath Brick Paver Difference

    Many different industries have experimented with photoluminescent (“Glow In The Dark”) products over the years.  Often, the “glow” material used in the products was not powerful enough to emit a visible glow for longer that a few minutes.  And, they required a lengthy time to “charge up” in the sunlight.  GlowPath Brick pavers contain a proprietary light-absorbing and light-emitting compound that charges quickly (< 1 hour) in the presence of any form of visible light (sunlight, indoor incandescent light, UV).  In addition, the active light-absorbing and emitting compound is encapsulated in a synthetic material that is waterproof, and solvent-and acid resistant.  It is also non-toxic, and friendly to pets, people, and the environment.  

    Note to installers: GlowPath Brick pavers may also be eligible for LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) credits.  GlowPath pavers can be used in lieu of low-voltage quartz or LED lighting solutions for residential pathways, walkways, and municipal common areas.  There are many other applications that may contribute to environmentally sensitive outdoor hardscaping designs.

    Learn more about GlowPath Products and Availability at Booth 2852

    GlowPath Brick Pavers will be exhibiting at the Landscape Ontario Congress on January 7,8, and 9 in Booth 2852. We can answer any of your questions about product availability, product composition, or product distribution in Canada and the US.  GlowPath and GlowPath Brick Pavers are registered trademarks of Glow Path Brick Pavers, LLC.

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