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Ecoraster; Superior permeable paving for all your needs

Ecoraster is a superior German engineered product that can be used for cost effective stormwater management, erosion control and base stabilization.

Ecoraster is 100% LDPE and is specially designed for cold weather climates.

Ecoraster is easy to install and light weight to transport, making it a perfect product for remote locations.

Ecoraster is an affordable and fully sustainable alternative to traditional paving surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. Ecoraster requires minimal maintenance and is environmentally friendly.

Ecoraster can be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications for many different applications including parking lots, loading areas, erosion control, pathways, fire access lanes, helicopter landing pads, base stabilization beneath unit pavers and solid surfaces, mud reduction for agriculture and equine needs, tree root protection and much, much more.

Ecoraster is used by NATO and the British Military.

Ecoraster can be snow plowed and allows for minimal salt usage, at least 90% less than usual.


Ecoraster is the perfect product for the changing regulations requiring LID and permeable alternatives.

Ecoraster allows storm water to be managed where it lands reducing damaging run off and naturally recharging the aquifers.

Landscapers are using Ecoraster X30 as a light weight, yet heavy duty, base stabilizer beneath unit pavers as a way to reduce the necessary depth of excavation saving disposal costs, aggregate base costs and labour time; a win, win, win solution. X30 beneath unit pavers, no matter which kind, ensures a premium, long lasting finished product without the risk of future movement; shifting, lifting or heaving.

Our newest product, the Ecoraster Bloxx system provides the look of interlocking pavers in a fully permeable and easy to install manner. Specially constructed pavers, in either concrete or crumb rubber, fit into the Bloxx matrix ensuring a long lasting "paving" surface that can support the heaviest of weight loads.

Brands: Ecoraster E50; Ecoraster E40; Ecoraster X30; Ecoraster Bloxx

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