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Weber MT is a leading manufacturer of walk-behind compaction equipment for the Landscape, Hardscape and Construction sectors. We specialize in walk-behind compaction equipment and are the technology leader through COMPATROL, our on-board compaction control meter and engine data managment. Weber MT is a privately held company manufacturing all products in Germany. We employ a workforce of 250 people worldwide, with export sales of more than 60%. In North America, Weber MT's head office is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan with complete macine and parts inventory on hand as well as sales offices and warehouse locations in Florida, Pennsylvania, Quebec and British Columbia.


  • SRV 590 - Rammer
    Engine: Honda GXR 120
    Impact force: 4,114 lbs.
    Weight: 137 lbs.
    Shoe width: 11"

  • Its low weight (137 lbs) makes this rammer easier to transport and handle while working on a construction site. Despite the low weight of the SRV 590, you can still rely on its robust design.

    Advantages of the SRV 590

    1. Thanks to good operating comfort and low hand/arm vibrations the operator can work for a long period of time.
    2. Rugged and powerful tamping system.
    3. Four-stroke gasoline engines GXR 120 from Honda with low emissions.
    4. During start-up an oil sensor monitors the oil pressure and prevents the engine from starting, if there is lack of oil.
    5. Effective multi-stage air filtration system with cyclone pre-cleaner protects the engine against harmful contaminants.
    6. Tank and inline filters clean the fuel.
    7. A notched throttle control lever controls the tamping output.
    8. Easy transport thanks to carrying handles and rolls.
    9. Two year warranty without restrictions.
  • CF2 - Forward Plate Compactor
    Centrifugal force: 3,372 lbs. - Working width:18" - Weight: 183 lbs....

  • Premium operating comfort, compact dimensions and optimum running characteristics.

    Application fields include: compaction work in landscaping and repair work.

    The special low-vibration guide bar (registered design) reduces the hand/arm vibrations and ensures comfortable work.
    Compact dimensions and a folding guide bar allow for easier transport, even in the back of a car.
    Practical accessories (optional) additionally facilitate work.
    For example: 3.2 gallon water tank available for asphalt compaction. The flow of water can be adjusted by means of a rotary knob.

    NEW: All CF2 forward plates now comes with an easily accessible throttle lever on the guide bar.

    Available optional extras:
    Polyurethane pad, wheel kit, water tank

  • CF3 Forward Plate Compactor
    For Professionals!
    Engine: Honda GX 160 Centrifugal Force: 4,496 lbs. Operating Weight: 218 lbs. Working width: 20"...

  • The CF 3 distinguishes itself by premium operating comfort, compact dimensions and optimum running characteristics.

    Application: compaction work in landscaping/hardscape and repair work.

    The special low-vibration guide bar (registered design) reduces the hand/arm vibrations and ensures comfortable work.
    Compact dimensions and a folding guide bar facilitate transport of the machines. An easily accessible throttle lever is located on the guide bar.
    Practical accessories (optional) additionally facilitate work.
    For example: 3.2 gallon water tank available for the asphalt compaction.

    Available optional extras:
    Polyurethane pad, wheel kit, water tank.

  • CFR 90
    The "almost round" forward plate
    Centrifugal force: 3,147 lbf. - Working width: 17" - Weight: 198 lbs....

  • As an export-oriented business and a specialist for hand-guided compacting equipment, Weber MT is uniquely equipped to accommodate special customer requests, including those from specific regions. In Scandinavia, for instance, customers frequently opt for vibratory plates that come with a base plate that is almost “round". The added agility of the machine especially benefits customers dealing with spatial constraints such as trenches or locations that require an alternative to a vibrating rammer. Other areas of application are hardscape/landscape, compacting along the edges of concrete block and around manholes and poles. This machine is equipped with a Honda GX 160 4-stroke gas engine. This machines comes with a wheel kit for easy transport.

  • CR2 Reversible Plate
    Perfect entry into the reversible world
    Centrifugal force: 5,620 lbs. Weight: 315 lbs. Working width: 18" Engine: Honda GX 160...

  • Any Landscaper or construction contractor who plans on compacting asphalt or pavers for maintenance purposes has found the right tool in our CR2. Delivering a centrifugal force of 5,620 lbs., this reversible soil compactor is the best lightweight, all-rounder machine you can use on the construction site. 

    The CR 2 has long distinguished itself in a large variety of sand, gravel, pavement and asphalt compaction applications. Thanks to the unique construction of its base plate, this powerful soil compactor made by Weber MT, offers exceptional stability and outstanding operating characteristics. 

    The Honda generated gas power unit is fully protected against external damage by an engine protection frame and cover. To increase mobility on the job, a rugged wheel kit has been integrated into every machine. 

    Optional extras:
    Water sprinkler system for asphalt compaction, polyurethane pad

  • CR6 CCD
    Versatile - Ideal for block pavements or trenches

    Centrifugal force: 12,364 lbs.

    Weight: 913 lbs.

    Working width: 24"

    Engine: Hatz 1B40...

  • The CR 6 MDM with Hatz engine is distinguished by its superior performance: an impact power of 12,370 lbs., operating weight of 905-910 lbs. and a flexible 24" working width.  Low hand-arm-vibrations ensure optimal comfort. 
    For trench work or block pavements, or for general compaction tasks in road construction, civil engineering or the landscaping sector: the CR 6 is always the right choice. Depending on soil conditions it achieves a compaction depth of up to 24 inches/60cm. This machine also comes with an engine data management system, MDM, which allows for the following features:

    • Engine cutoff when the engine oil pressure and oil level drops below the permissible level.
    • Engine cutoff when the engine temperature exceeds permissible limits.
    • Engine cutoff when the air filter is dirty.
    • Indicator warning that time for next maintenance inspection has been reached or exceeded.

    CR 6 CCD is another version of the CR 6 MDM. It is equipped with the new COMPATROL® 2.0 next generation. This is a compaction control system that provides the additional advantage of continuous and even compaction control and quality assurance of the compaction work performed. COMPATROL® 2.0 allows for uniform compaction across the entire compacted surface. Added benefits of this machine include:

    Weak spots in the soil can be detected and corrected quickly.

    Easy-to-understand and self-explanatory LED display.

    Savings in cost/time of up to 25% due to fewer passes.

    The commitment to quality has also been designed into details: Hydraulic infinitely variable shifter for forward and reverse travel, closed v-belt guard, self adjusting centrifugal clutch, height-adjustable guide bar and a sturdy protection frame with engine cover are characteristics that indicate optimum operational safety.

    The powerful 1 B 40 Hatz Diesel engine is equipped with a special "anti-noise package".

    Available optional extras:

  • VPR 450 Paver Roller
    Centrifugal force: 1,798 lbs. Weight: 238 lbs. Operating width: 17"

  • Appropriate installation of large slabs and pavers

    Walkways, public landscape areas and squares are being designed more and more with large
    format slabs or precious paving stones.

    For professional and gentle installations of these building materials Weber MT offers the perfect
    solution: the VPR 450 paver roller.
    This machine was specially designed for the delicate treatment these large paver surfaces demand.

    The VPR 450 rolls gently over the material. This prevents the slabs or paving stones from shifting or
    from cracking or breaking on the corners and edges. 

    Sensitive concrete slabs with a relatively low thickness can be gently vibrated and pressed into
    their bedding.

  • VPR 700
    Centrifugal force: 3,147 lbs. Weight: 386 lbs. Operating width: 26"...

  • Industry's foremost manufacturers of large-size slabs and pavers for hardscape projects recommend the use of paver rollers - such as Weber MT's VPR 700.

    This machine has been designed specifically for the challenging task of compacting slabs and pavers.
    The VPR 700 rolls over these surfaces with exceptional ease and gentleness. This smooth mode of operation embeds the product properly, while preventing shifting, cracking and chipping. NO DUST!!!

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